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An Example of What's Inside the Book!

Prophecy in Reverse

Bonus Day

"If we could see things from God’s perspective, maybe we could truly understand that our steps are ordered by God so we need to get rid of worry, doubt, and fear. Since we know that God already knows all that will happen to us, then why don’t we really trust Him? 

"Here's what I mean: when bad things happen, we wonder where God is. When our prayers aren’t answered the way that we want, we think God doesn’t care.

"Begin today to make a point of believing that when bad things happen: (1) God knew that it would happen; (2) allowed it to happen anyway; (3) somehow He is working things out in the best way possible; and, (4) God still loves you.

"One day, I kept an hourly journal from the time that I awoke until the time that I went to bed. Every hour I wrote whatever happened in the past hour. By the end of the day, as I reviewed my list, I had a blinding flash of the obvious: I realized that God knew that these things would happen on this day, at that particular time, involving that certain person or circumstance, etc, etc! 

"My list reminded me that God was already aware, before I was even born(!), that on this day I would not only keep a list of happenings, but about the phone call that I would get, the person at the luncheon I would meet, the worrying thoughts I would allow, etc. He knew, before I got up from my bed, that all of these things would happen--and He knew my responses, my thoughts, etc.

"Look at it this way, folks: I was looking at prophecy in reverse! This was prophecy after it already happened. This was one day in my life that had just past and I now knew what God had already known! So, shouldn’t I just relax and let God handle my worries? My doubts? My fears?

"So your assignment for today is to keep an hourly journal. Now don't be a slave to it but do try to enter all that happened. If you have a bad thought telling you that "things will not get better," or whatever evil thought, write it down. When you review your list at the end of your day--you will be realize, as I did, that God was with you the entire time and already knew and planned how He would help you to make it through your day.

Scripture reading for today: Psalm 139


If you like what you've just read, then here are the chapters of the book giving you 31 day-by-day, step-by-step, show-me-how-to-do-it fighting tools to help you become the victorious child of God that you know God is able to make you. 

Read and Do the Actions for One Chapter Per Day

Day 1: Lay Your Head on the Lord

Day 2: Time to Grow up

Day 3: Spiritual Blindness

Day 4: God was Talking to You All Along. He still is

Day 5: Friends Who Call it Like it Is

Day 6: Be Careful What You Wish For

Day 7: Come, Let’s Talk

Day 8: You Can’t Carry the Load; So Sing!

Day 9: Checking Your Progress

Day 10: Thank God for the Fleas

Day 11: Get Your Battle Gear! You’re in a War, Remember!

Day 12: Something for Jesus to Worry About

Day 13: Hearing Yourself Say it has Meaning

Day 14: A Place for God: the Empty Chair

Day 15: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Day 16: You are What You Spiritually Eat

Day 17: You Can’t Take it With You, Be Prepared to Let it Go

Day 18: Famous Lies

Day 19: You Can’t Outgive God

Day 20: Accepting the Worst Case Scenario

Day 21: Yes! That Was an Attack

Day 22: Obedience: God’s Definition of Success

Day 23: Unforgiveness: Rotting From the Inside

Day 24: Clean Hands

Day 25: Laying it out Before the Lord

Day 26: Get in the Wheelbarrow

Day 27: Heaven is Your Goal

Day 28: This Little Light of Mine

Day 29: He’s Always Been Your Daddy

Day 30: You can do It

Conclusion: Day 31: He Died So That You Would Live